Old Lighthouse Bristow’s Hotel

Old Lighthouse Bristow’s Hotel

Old Lighthouse Bristow’s Hotel

Project Overview

Location: – Cochin, Kerala

Sector: – Hospitality

Concept and Design

A stately colonial bungalow in the heart of Fort Kochi- a Dutch settlement and a preserved heritage zone in Kerala- the property was formerly the Pilot’s Quarters for the Cochin Port Trust. Unused for the past two decades or so, the bungalow was in a state of massive disrepair. The architectural vocabulary was a mix of local Kerala and English had laterite walls, teakwood flooring on wooden joists, high ceilings, sloping roofs with wooden trusses, terracotta roofing and ceiling tiles for ventilation in the humid climate and deep verandahs. Consisted of villas/cottages, spa and salon, swimming pool and terrace looking onto the arabian sea.

Features and Details

The Old Lighthouse Bristow Hotel in Cochin, Kerala boasts a unique aesthetic that blends British colonial heritage with modern amenities. Here’s a breakdown of its architectural design and visual appeal:

Colonial Heritage:

  • Built in 1927-28, the hotel was originally a bungalow residence named Bristow House.
  • Sir Robert Bristow, a member of the Royal Society of Arts, likely influenced the design, giving it a British architectural style.
  • Imagine classic colonial features like:
    • High ceilings
    • Large windows
    • Verandas, possibly offering glimpses of the ocean
    • Use of natural materials like wood and stone

Modern Touches:

  • The hotel has been converted from a residence to a hospitality space, incorporating modern amenities for a comfortable stay.
  • This likely involves updates to plumbing, electrical systems, and possibly bathrooms.
  • However, the descriptions emphasize retaining the “old-world charm.” This suggests a tasteful blend of modern comforts with the historical character of the building.


  • The Old Lighthouse Bristow Hotel is “heritage property” and “British-style architecture.” This evokes a sense of grandeur and colonial history.
  • The location right on Fort Kochi beach adds to the visual appeal. Imagine the refreshing sea breeze and stunning views complementing the architectural style.

Overall, the Old Lighthouse Bristow Hotel seems to offer a unique experience – a chance to stay in a piece of history while enjoying modern conveniences. The blend of colonial architecture and a beachfront setting likely creates a memorable and visually captivating stay for its guests.

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