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1. Stress-Free Build: This guide helps you navigate villa construction smoothly, avoiding the usual headaches.
2. Actionable Steps: Insider tips, clear instructions, and checklists make your dream a reality.
3. Comprehensive: Covers everything from design to construction, offering a complete picture.
4. For Everyone: Whether actively planning or just curious, this book is valuable.

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About Author

He is the founder and CEO of M/s Sion Projects Pvt, company behind DesignBuild.Villas. He specializes in luxury homes, hospitality and commercial projects. Established in 2006, the company has a process-oriented systems that streamlines the execution of luxury projects. He has an impressive portfolio of some of the most prestigious luxury projects in the country, such as a home on Amrita Shergill Marg and India’s first Ferrari showroom. He has also partnered with some of the leading Indian businessmen and the most eminent international architects (for ex. Bedmar & Shi) and interior designers. With expertise of almost two decades, company can deliver any project with excellence and professionalism.

International Architects Author has collaborated with

Ernesto Bedmar

Ernesto Bedmar, an architect born in Argentina, is the founder of Ernesto Bedmar Architects, based in Singapore since its establishment in 2015. Among our notable projects is the Amrita Shergil Marg House, undertaken in collaboration with Ernesto Bedmar. This project has been prominently featured across various platforms, including ArchitectureAU and Archello, showcasing our commitment to excellence in design and execution.

Martin Palleros

Martin Palleros, an architect with a degree from Argentina and a master’s degree from the United States, is a truly international figure. With a wealth of experience, he has founded design studios in Singapore, Thailand, and Australia. His global perspective is enriched by an in-depth understanding of various cultural nuances

Niels Schoenfelder

Niels Schoenfelder, a renowned architect, leads Mancini Enterprises – a multi-disciplinary design firm established in 2004. Their expertise spans architecture, interiors, furniture, landscapes, and caters to both Indian and international projects. His work has been featured in Architectural Digest India.

Gian Carlos Savian

Gian Carlo Savian, based in Italy, currently serves as the Sales Director at Macrolux and Freelance at DESIGNFORTYEIGHT. With a rich background encompassing key roles at GCS, Mateos Exquisite Lifestyle (India), ITALprojectDESIGN, and Valcucine (North India), GianCarlo brings extensive expertise to the table.

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