Nirula Farmhouse – Bijwasan, New Delhi

Nirula Farmhouse – Bijwasan, New Delhi

Nirula Farmhouse at Bijwasan


Nirula Farmhouse at Bijwasan New Delhi
Nirula Farmhouse at Bijwasan New Delhi


Location: – Bijwasan, New Delhi

Sector: – Luxury Farmhouse

Architect: – Romi Khosla Design Studio (India)

Interior Designer: – Romi Khosla Design Studio (India)

Client: – Mr. Lalit Nirula


Project Overview

Mr. Lalit Nirula, a prominent businessman, wanted to have a weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. He chose a serene location in Bijwasan, New Delhi, where he built a luxury farmhouse on a sprawling 3-acre plot of land. The farmhouse itself was modestly sized, with a total built up area of only 8000 sqft, but it was designed with elegance and comfort in mind. The rest of the land was devoted to creating a lush green environment, with a variety of plants, flowers, trees, and crops. Mr. Nirula enjoyed spending his weekends relaxing on the lawn, tending to his vegetable and fruit garden, and admiring the beauty of nature.

Technical Information

The farmhouse had a timeless appeal, thanks to its unique architectural design. The use of exposed concrete with wood and exposed brick combination created a contrast between the rough and the smooth, the modern and the rustic, the urban and the rural. The farmhouse blended in harmoniously with its natural surroundings, while also standing out as a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

Concept and Design

Based in New Delhi, India, Romi Khosla Design Studio is a renowned firm that specializes in architecture and urban planning. It has a diverse portfolio of design projects, ranging from local to global scales. For this farmhouse, the firm adopted a contemporary design approach, while also incorporating elements of classic interiors. The farmhouse featured a striking combination of exposed concrete walls with bricks, wood and glass, creating a visual impact and a sense of contrast.

Behind The Scene: –

We navigated multifaceted challenges, from coordinating intricate architectural details to ensuring seamless execution.


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