Somany House – New Delhi

Somany House – New Delhi

Somany House


Somany House
Somany House


Location: – New Friends Colony, New Delhi

Sector: – Luxury Home

Architect: – Romi Khosla Design Studio (India)

Interior Designer: – Rajiv Saini (Mumbai)

Client: – Mr. Abhishek Somany

Project Overview

The project was extension of two floors on existing building of basement, Ground Floor and first floor. Second floor and Third floor combined area was around 12000 sqft.

Located in middle of the city and on very busy road made the construction very difficult.

Open terraces with wooden decking and tensile structure above gives perfect outdoor sitting experience.

Technical Information

Steel Framed Structure was designed to keep wall sizes to minimum and avoid the huge columns.
Double I section heavy class steel beams were used to get huge openings.

Concept and Design

Romi Khosla Design Studio is a leading architecture and urban planning firm based in New Delhi, India. It works across a broad spectrum of design opportunities, both locally and internationally.

Features and Details

Indian Stone: The formal living room features traditional Indian black stone as a flooring material. This is a rare and exquisite choice for a super luxury home, but the result is stunning and reflects the design ideology of Interior Designer Mr. Rajiv Saini.

Hidden Bathroom: The wardrobe doors and the bathroom door in one of the bedrooms were finished in the same material to create a cohesive and harmonious look. This finish also added a subtle element of surprise, as the bathroom door was camouflaged in the room.

3D Tiles in the Bathroom: One of the bathrooms was adorned with white 3D tiles that enhanced the space with a lively and elegant flair.

Double Height Living Room: The living room boasted a double height ceiling that created a sense of spaciousness and elegance. The high ceiling also allowed for more natural light and ventilation, as well as a dramatic focal point for the room.

Floating Staircase: The staircase was a striking feature of the house, as it was made of floating metal that was cladded with wood. The combination of metal and wood created a contrast of materials and textures, as well as a sense of lightness and warmth. The staircase also added a sculptural element to the space, as it looked floating in the air.

Behind The Scene: –

We navigated multifaceted challenges, from coordinating intricate architectural details to adhering to Vastu Shastra principles and ensuring seamless execution. Balancing the fusion of cultural elements with modern design required meticulous planning and a keen understanding of both architectural and cultural intricacies.

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